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Residents of Shingal’s Sinune subdistrict predominantly populated by Yezidis stage protests to reject the return of former Shingal administration officials. Nov 9th 2018

An interview with Ezidikhan Justice Minister Nallein Sowilo

by Patrick Harriganon June 29, 2019
Julian Langer interviews Ezidikhan Justice Minister Nallein Sowilo The Yezidi are an ancient indigenous community, whose ties to the lands in Northern Iraq stretch back to Mesopotamia. Their religious practices draw from Mesopotamian-theology, which is primarily characterized by the worship of Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel created by God as His Regent on earth. Like […]
The genocide-hit village of Kocho south of Shingal has been hit by a devastating fire destroying crops, livestock and far, machinery.

Arson ring targets Head of Ezidikhan Investigative Team on Genocide

by Patrick Harriganon June 22, 2019
Dr. Abdul Qader Al-Rawi, the Senior Investigator for the Ezidikhan Investigative Team on Genocide, has been shot and killed yesterday outside his home by an assassin at close range while leaving on his way to his clinic in Anbar Province.

Loss of costly farm machinery to systematic arson is a staggering blow to struggling farmers.

Ezidikhan Government Condemns Crop Arson

by Patrick Harriganon June 12, 2019
A sudden and mysterious wave of fires, blamed on the Islamic State, has been burning tens of thousands of acres of Yezidi cropland, destroying a rare bumper crop of wheat and barley and threatening the already impoverished families and their livestock with starvation.