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Ezidikhan endorses Michael Newton to head UNITAD

by Patrick Harriganon March 29, 2021
We the undersigned urge the United Nations to appoint Michael A. Newton as Special Adviser to the UN Security Council and Head of the UN Investigative Team to Promote Accountability for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by Da’esh in Iraq (UNITAD). We have conducted our own interviews and research about Mike Newtown’s […]
Women of Kocho whose fathers, brothers or husbands were killed. The woman with her hand in the air is Khatoon Ahmed al Jaso, daughter of the Mandkany tribal leader killed Aug 15, 2014 in Kocho.

Iraq passes Yezidi Female Survivors Law

by Patrick Harriganon March 4, 2021
Yazidi Female Survivors Law was first introduced to the Iraqi parliament in 2019. It was modified by recommendations of a committee and voted into law in Baghdad, Iraq, on March 2, 2021.