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Food deliveries to Yezidi IDPs

Food Relief for Yezidi IDPs

by Patrick Harriganon October 12, 2019
The Provisional Government of Ezidikhan has begun to deliver supplemental food items to needy Yezidi families living in IDP camps.
Flames ravaged croplands around Kocho.

Ezidikhan to investigate allegations of ISIS-KRG collusion

by Patrick Harriganon July 26, 2019
In a momentous decision, Ezidikhan’s Governing Council has unanimously adopted a resolution asserting Ezidikhan’s right to investigate alleged acts of genocide by regional militias including Kurdish forces as well as atrocities committed by Daesh extremists.

Sewa International and the Government of India collaborated with the Government of Ezidikhan to complete this large-bore water project for Shingal's 23,000 strong Siba Sheikh community.

Ezidikhan delivers a municipal water system to Siba Sheikh

by Patrick Harriganon July 9, 2019
The Government of Ezidikhan is beginning to deliver results of its visionary pledge to ‘Return and Rebuild’ with a new water well system installed at Siba Sheikh Kadir collective on the south side of Shingal mountain. With project funds provided by the Government of India to the Ezidikhan Government, the project broke ground in October 2018. The newly finished water system was inaugurated in January 2019 and now serves all 23,000 inhabitants of the sprawling Siba Sheikh Kadir collective.
Residents of Shingal’s Sinune subdistrict predominantly populated by Yezidis stage protests to reject the return of former Shingal administration officials. Nov 9th 2018

An interview with Ezidikhan Justice Minister Nallein Sowilo

by Patrick Harriganon June 29, 2019
Julian Langer interviews Ezidikhan Justice Minister Nallein Sowilo The Yezidi are an ancient indigenous community, whose ties to the lands in Northern Iraq stretch back to Mesopotamia. Their religious practices draw from Mesopotamian-theology, which is primarily characterized by the worship of Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel created by God as His Regent on earth. Like […]

The genocide-hit village of Kocho south of Shingal has been hit by a devastating fire destroying crops, livestock and far, machinery.

Arson ring targets Head of Ezidikhan Investigative Team on Genocide

by Patrick Harriganon June 22, 2019
Dr. Abdul Qader Al-Rawi, the Senior Investigator for the Ezidikhan Investigative Team on Genocide, has been shot and killed yesterday outside his home by an assassin at close range while leaving on his way to his clinic in Anbar Province.
Loss of costly farm machinery to systematic arson is a staggering blow to struggling farmers.

Ezidikhan Government Condemns Crop Arson

by Patrick Harriganon June 12, 2019
A sudden and mysterious wave of fires, blamed on the Islamic State, has been burning tens of thousands of acres of Yezidi cropland, destroying a rare bumper crop of wheat and barley and threatening the already impoverished families and their livestock with starvation.

Baba Sheikh Khurto Hajji Ismail

Baba Sheikh: “Our hearts go out to the innocent victims in Sri Lanka.”

by Patrick Harriganon May 2, 2019
"Our hearts go out to the innocent victims in Sri Lanka where so many were killed and injured in this senseless acts of terrorism. It wasn't so long ago when our community in Iraq faced such actions by ISIS. When we hear of such terrorism, the Yezidi community can relate and empathize as a people persecuted because of our ethics of tolerance and good will to all. Our love goes out to the victims and families and to all of Sri Lanka." -Baba Sheikh Khurto Hajji Ismail
Yazidis feast on traditional foods.

Ezidikhan Governing Council approves Food Code

by Patrick Harriganon March 29, 2019
A Food Code for Ezidikhan (GCR 5-20-02-19) has been unanimously adopted by the Governing Council of the Nation of Ezidikhan. The Code establishes definitions; sets standards for handling, distribution, management and personnel, food operations, and equipment and facilities; and provides for food establishment plan review, permit issuance, inspections, employee restrictions, and permit suspension based in Ezidikhan customary practices and widely accepted standards for promotion of public health.

Seeds of Life seeds await shipment from New Delhi to Ezidikhan. Photo taken 2019-02-10

‘Seeds of Life’ Agriculture Project launched by Ezidikhan

by Patrick Harriganon February 11, 2019
The Ezidikhan government has announced that the Government of India has agreed to provide aid for Ezidikhan’s Seeds of Life pilot project. The horticulture project includes a greenhouse, training for three Ezidikhan citizens, planting of 450 fruit and nut trees employing hundreds of workers, planting of vegetables crops that will employ twelve workers.
The predominantly Ezidi town of Sinjar (Shingal) located on the Syrian border. (Photo: Andrea Dicenzo)

Ezidikhan PM denounces Barzani threat to occupy Shingal

by Patrick Harriganon February 7, 2019
Ezidikhan Prime Minister Barjis Soso Kalaf has rejected statements made by neighboring Kurdistan Region’s Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani's during a speech earlier this week . Barzani's statements, says Prime Minister Barjis, amount to a threat to occupy and administer Shingal against the will of the Yezidi people. “The people of Shingal utterly rcondemn any attempt by Barzani to forcibly take political or physical control of Ezidikhan, its people or its resources. Barzani’s words and actions are in violatio...