Bones, suspected to belong to members of Iraq's Yazidi community, are seen in a mass grave on the outskirts of the town of Sinjar, November 30, 2015.

Ezidikhan Investigative Team on Genocide Established

by adminon January 13, 2019
Prime Minister Barjis Soso Kalaf has designated as Senior Investigator for the team Mr. Abo Sunds Aliafry, a legal investigator with fifteen years experience. Mr. Aliafry began organizing the investigative team in late December 2018 and plans to begin the work of the Team in January 2019.
Hamad Waad Mato family

France Grants Asylum to Yezidi Families under President Macron’s Promise

by adminon December 22, 2018
Using France's "asylum visa," any resident of France can privately sponsor a Yezidi family. The private sponsor pledges to provide housing and orientation for the asylum-seekers. The French government provides food support and social services.
Bones, suspected to belong to members of Iraq's Yazidi community, are seen in a mass grave on the outskirts of the town of Sinjar, November 30, 2015.

Ezidikhan Governing Council Passes Genocide Investigative Body into Law

by adminon December 21, 2018
The new investigative team will probe all crimes and identify suspects whether persons, groups or institutions that may have committed genocide including but not limited to Da’esh and its allies and crimes attributable to Iraqi governmental forces, at the federal or regional level (like Kurdish regional forces); militia such as the Popular Mobilization Forces; or international forces.

Yezidis flee from Daesh Aug 3rd 2014

Kurds and Iraq seek to extort Ezidikhan denial of Genocide

by adminon December 4, 2018
Ezidikhan Prime Minister Barjis Soso Khalaf “rejects most emphatically” as “political extortion” the Kurdish Regional Government and Iraqi Government demand that the Ezidikhan Governing Council retract its 16 November Resolution charging the Kurdish government with acts of genocide and the Iraqi and US governments complicity in those acts.
Yezidis protest return of Kurdish administrators to Shingal in October 2018.

Emergency consultations between Ezidikhan and friendly nations

by adminon November 19, 2018
The governments of Sweden, India and Iraq have invited the Provisional Government of Ezidikhan to consultations concerning the Governing Council Resolution of 15 November condemning Kurdish genocidal policies toward Yezidis. Prime Minister Barjis Soso Khalaf has vowed to meet with the Iraqi government to seek the Kurdish Regional Government’s immediate withdrawal.
Present day Ezidkhan, the Yezidi Nation

Ezidikhan rejects Baghdad-Irbil deal to hand Shingal back to Kurds

by adminon July 27, 2018
The Yezidi people reject the Iraq government’s attempt to install the Kurdish Regional Government as the military and political authority over the nation of Ezidikhan without our consent. The Ezidikhan Provisional Government is the sole, legitimate government representing the peoples of Ezidikhan.

The Islamic State destruction of Kabara temple with dynamite in Shingal, Aug. 26, 2015

Ezidikhan officials to monitor Baghdad pledge to rebuild Shingal

by adminon June 17, 2018
"The central government's expressed commitment to rebuild Shingal is an important first step toward bringing Iraq's communities together. We welcome and encourage this partnership and friendship with the Iraqi Government." -Ezidikhan Prime Minister Waheed Mandoo Hammo
India-Ezidikhan flood relief May 2018

India-Ezidikhan Relief for Yezidi flood victims

by adminon June 7, 2018
On May 31st 2018, over fifty new tents together with supplies were delivered to Yezidi families that had lost their tents to the flash floods. Ezidikhan Government officials who had helped to source help from India were also present to help to deliver and set up tents for Yezidi families.
Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan and Ezidikhan PM Hammo

Ezidikhan PM Seeks Constructive Relations with Armenia

by adminon May 15, 2018
Ezidikhan Prime Minister Hammo expressly called on the Armenian Prime Minister to enter into constructive and cooperative engagement to advance trade, jobs, and economic development in each country.

Yezidi delegatess at International Conference in Mumbai February 2018

Ezidikhan Government Delegation Meets with India’s External Affairs Minister Swaraj

by adminon March 2, 2018
Prime Minister Waheed Mandoo Hammo led a ministerial delegation for a diplomatic visit during the week of January 27–29 to the Government of India for meetings with External Affairs Sushma Swaraj. Prime Minister Hammo and Minister Swaraj conducted constructive talks concerning the economic, political and strategic needs of the Ezidikhan peoples.
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