Yezidi Nation Condemns Turkish Air Attack

[LALISH, Nineveh, Iraq. April 25, 2017] – The Ezidikhan Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a sharply worded condemnation of this morning’s attack by Turkish air force jets upon anti-ISIS coalition bases on Mount Shingal. Both PKK-affiliated Shingal Protection Units (YBS) and Kurdish Peshmarga bases were hit in the deadly night attack that killed one Yezidi and four Kurdish Peshmarga.
“Once again Turkish forces are violating the sovereignty of neighboring nations,” says Ezidikhan Minister of Foreign Affairs Hadji Saado. “This time however they have struck Kurdish and Yezidi defense forces based within Ezidikhan territory in Shingal.”
“On behalf of Yezidi people in Shingal and worldwide, we condemn these attacks in the strongest terms,” he says.
“Our common aim should be to combat Daesh (ISIS) and all forms of extremism. This aim will not be advanced when international coalition members attack one another.”
“We urge Turkey to stop these airstrikes and direct its military actions against Daesh, the common foe of all humanity. And we urge the international community to apply pressure upon Turkey to respect national boundaries.”
“We call on Kurdish Regional Government and Turkey alike to recognize Yezidi borders and withdraw from Shingal. Turkey is using PKK presence in Shingal as an excuse to exert control over Shingal,” says Foreign Minister Saado.
At least five Peshmerga soldiers, including one Yezidi, were killed Tuesday morning and several others wounded in Turkish air strikes aimed at the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) on Mount Shingal. The location on the mountain had been used by the Shingal Protection Units (YBS), but it was evacuated shortly before the bombing.
The General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces claims that airstrikes on Mount Shingal were meant to repel threats to Turkey and that the operations will continue.
The Yezidi leadership stands firmly committed to the return of Yezidis from their refugee status around the world. Ezidikhan leaders regard Turkish bombings in Ezidikhan territory as counterproductive.

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